All things happy & healthy




Owner and CEO of The Greenhouse, Shona, is  spreading health and happiness to Älmhult.  

As  a mama of 6 kids, as well as a certified yoga, meditation, flying yoga, kids yoga, and life coach, Shona  loves all things happy and healthy.

She has been teaching yoga and well being to the schools and communities and had her buisness in Kronoberg since 2014.  




Mindfullness and mediation for both adults and children as well as lifecoach support.

Clare-Ann will be teaching the kids, with a focuss on teenage health and fitness.




MediYoga therapist, kids yoga teacher, balance coach and district nurse. Currently working as a BVC nurse at the health center in Älmhult.

Have a passion for communicating health and balance in as well body as soul.


John comes to us from Colorado and Switzerland and will be offering Feldenkrais lessons, think n move, and Moving into Life courses.



Owner of be.buisness retreat, and Muff.

The Greenhouse is excited to collaborate with Anders in all things happy & healhty.  

Anders will be doing some guest teaching Yin Yoga, as well as teaming up with owner and CEO Shona, to co teach and lead couples and partner yoga.

Rebekah Leigh


Canadian Wellness Ambassador, Rebekah Leigh, creates, owns and operates an exclusive boho chic jewlery line, Flower & Fury.  She uses organic, all natural stones in her malas, bracelets, and beyond.  

She is responsible for the exclusive line of kids malas coming to The Greenhouse soon and is contributing Canadain Art Director of The Greenhouse.



Linda is our wellness ambassador for kids gymnastics, kids balance, and kids dance classes.  

As well as being administration assistant and social media guru for The Greenhouse.

Family David, Annemeik and tribe


Our first family Ambassadors, David, Annemiek and their beautiful kids advocate for all things happy and healthy for family life here in Älmhult .  Living an Eco-Friendly lifestyle with a focus on family and the way forward in community.



Owner and operator of her beautiful Raw Food company, Raw Delight.  

Cecilia's Raw Delight inspires you all to consider alternatives to what you eat and how you do your food life.

Cecilia and her business will be offering amazing "grab and go" goodies in the store as well as teaching food workshops and ofcourse taking custom orders through The Greenhouse. Check out her company on facebook : Raw Delight.



Owner and operator of Nordic Nutrition. Follow Heidi on Instragram: @nordic_nutrition as she branches out in her next stage of helping others find ways of living healthy.  

Heidi started her own nutrition compnay in Älmhult this year and is working in collaboration with The Greenhouse school yoga and nutrition program incentive. 


Owner of, Katie is a Wellness Ambassabor for all things sustainable. She focuses on zero waste and using natural products. Workshops on these topics will be added to the Greenhouse activity list.

Follow her on instagram: @_ktdoes_

Kid wellness ambassadors


Emma Jane. Kids yoga, and kids yogayoutube.                


Zoe. Kids yoga, balance and bliss, and kids yogayoutube. 


Maximus. Baby and me yoga and body after baby.


Lucas: Kids yoga and meditation and kids flying yoga also kids yogayoutube.