A Message from Shona the CEO

What is The Greenhouse?

The Mountains, The Ocean, and Yoga

What shall we say then of doing mountain pose in the mountains? or doing the dancing shiva beside Swedens largest waterfall?  or hopping up on the bar furniture of a friends peer bar on a Swedish island?


Yoga is life.

Yoga is gratitude.



To wake and wander and wonder in and admist mother nature and connect to source energy, while still having the body awarenss to lead oneself through yogaflows is one thing, and do to flows which  come forth from the connectiviety to the location is another.


I have just, as in just returned home from a road trip with man, baby, bus, and yoga mat. Thousands of km journying through Sweden and Norway, Mountains, and islands.


We have danced a Urkult, a folk music festival in the Swedish northern mountains, and we have bathed in the salty ocean in Norway,... and no matter where we stopped, yoga flowed out of me.


It is yes indeed a learned discipine and practice, as some might say, but when is there  more to a learned practice, and this ancient wisdom?


Why when I was in the mountains, did mountain pose flow into back bend and then camel and prayer?

Why when I stood beside the waterfall did dancing Shiva come forth?

Why beside the ocean did 3 legged dog, into chataranga scorpion flow out?

Why with the ocean behind me on the furntirue of a titki bar, did mountain, flow to tree, flow to daners pose?


My dear yogis, the answer is that when you throw away the lesson plans, and the meomroziation and the yoga flow outlines we have all learned,


when your spirit is stil beside source


when your body doesn't do yoga, but rather is a flow in and of itselft....


Then your yoga is instinct, and your instinct is yoga.


Health n Happiness.